Trusted partners in crafting Australia’s finest large-scale workplaces

Renowned for our dedication to excellence and commitment to innovation, Intermain are your ideal partner for delivering expansive and multi-level workplace fitouts.

Supported by our team of seasoned project and site manager with extensive backgrounds in commercial fitouts, we ensure the seamless execution of these often intricate, phased, or staged construction programmes. Our adept communication with stakeholders and decision-makers guarantees smooth coordination, culminating in the prompt delivery of the finalised space to our clients.

In close collaboration with design and architectural firms, we flawlessly integrate design concepts while expertly overseeing the diverse array of FF&E items curated for each project. Whether it involves distinctive design elements, adherence to certification standards, or the integration of cutting-edge security and technology features, we prioritise creativity and efficiency in every project we undertake.

With an established history of bringing visionary spaces to life, contact us today if you’re ready to elevate your workplace to new heights!


Featured Projects:

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