Reach new heights through uniting in partnership

When the best designers, architects, project managers, and builders unite in partnership, everyone benefits from deep expertise, increased innovation, and less risk at every stage of the project.

Partnerships made easy!

Nurturing long-term mutual partnerships for 20+ years.

Optimal & Versatile Construction

On time and on budget, adapted to you.

Maximum ROI

Responsive cost planning and value engineering.

Better together

Give your clients the best of all our expertise.

It takes a team to realise the dream

What stands us apart is our ability to create fruitful and collaborative partnerships with leading industry experts. We not only understand how to enhance collaboration between owners, designers, project managers and contractors, we also mitigate and navigate the pitfalls, gaps and risks of construction throughout the entire project, so the dream is realised as a team with the best outcome for the client.

Realised in partnership

See what’s possibilities when experts unite together.

Ready to work with you at any stage of your project

Our capabilities to support your build spans the entire lifespan of a project. Whether you choose to engage us early in the process or later, we adapt to how you want to work, and for the best outcome for your clients.

Really versatile range of services

We know every project and project team is different, so we customise our versatile range of services around your needs with the most cost effective and optimal construction delivery.

We specialise in realising your vision through reliably delivered and value-engineered interior fitouts. Our team's unrivalled construction management excellence and versatility means we deliver what we promise in a multitude of interior environments.

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Our Refurbishment Team specialise in innovative building and warehouse transformations, realising the value in your assets for the long haul. We understand different environments, structures, services, technology and finishes, which means we turn your design into a reality with certainty.

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Our 2000sqm joinery manufacturing facility produces high-quality custom joinery on scale. Our unparaled craftsmanship, state-of-the-art machinery, drafting expertise and reliable supply chain, mean we realise your dream joinery with assurance.

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We understand that your business is ever evolving, and the needs of your workplace change, often with some urgency. Whether you're upscaling, downsizing, splitting space, relocating, utilising underused space, or need an expediated schedule, our highly experienced construction experts are here to turn your rethink into a reality.

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Our Link Aftercare team are with you from handover of your new Intermain fitout, from onboarding you to your new space through your Defect Liability Period, and beyond, to maintaining your fitout and taking care of all your required fitout maintenance and obligations.

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