Tenant-ready coworking spaces

We recognise that fitout plays a crucial role in shaping your flexible workplace, serving as a cornerstone of your core product. By leveraging our specialised expertise in flexible workplaces, we ensure that every detail is meticulously executed the first time, safeguarding your rental income and enhancing the overall experience.

Coworking spaces made easy

One relationship to manage with everything under one roof for a seamless end-to-end fitout.

Safeguard your vision

We protect your vision through the entire process ensuring the design you sign off on, is what gets delivered.

Maximum ROI & economies

Maximum value for your budget plus economies of scale for multiple floors, properties and tenant variations.

Future-proofed spaces

Coworking spaces with longevity through sustainable building practices, agile designs and quality that lasts.

Realised coworking spaces

Whether we design your workplace for you, or you have your own design experts you prefer to work with, our knowledge and experience from building flexible workspaces for eight different provides ensures the effective and efficient delivery of your project including value engineering materials, mitigating common pitfalls, meeting density certification requirements, and providing implementable solutions that keep your design intent intact.

Rewarding returns

Tailor your coworking spaces to attract and retain your desired tenants whilst optimising your floor space ratios for rewarding returns.

Private offices

Have a prospective tenant who wants to enjoy the benefits of a community whilst having the privacy and security of a private office? We can help by offering tenancy splits, custom fitouts, or refurbishments to tailor the space to their needs. Additionally, we provide make good services at the end of their lease, ensuring a smooth transition.

Open-plan workspaces

The primary advantage of coworking is access to spacious, open areas where individuals and teams can collaborate in a shared, communal environment. We specialise in spatial planning to optimise your open-plan layout and collaborate with suppliers and our inhouse joinery team to select or customise the most ergonomic and visually appealing workstations for your coworking space.

Meeting and conference rooms

Whether it's small rooms or large boardrooms, your tenants will appreciate a variety of meeting spaces equipped with modern furniture and amenities such as TVs, video conferencing, whiteboards, Wi-Fi, and phones. We specialise in designing and creating comfortable and innovative spaces that inspire creativity and productivity.

Call booths

Every workspace needs a dedicated area for individuals to take phone calls during the workday. Unlock the full potential of private communication and focused work by including call booths in your design. Whether inbuilt or external pods, providing phone booths will help attract and retain tenants by meeting their need for quiet spaces, thus maintaining harmony in the workspace and preventing disruptions caused by noise.

Podcast studios

Enhance community and collaboration in your coworking space by adding a dedicated podcast studio. This will provide tenants with a comfortable, distraction-free environment for recording. We can design a private, acoustically controlled space equipped with the latest technology and comfortable furnishings, ensuring that your tenants and their guests can podcast with ease and professionalism.

Communal areas

Foster a more dynamic and collaborative work environment by offering a variety of communal areas designed to build a sense of community and camaraderie among your tenants. These spaces can include comfortable seating areas, recreational zones, and wellness spaces. Such amenities promote work-life balance, giving you a competitive edge in attracting and retaining tenants.

Breakout spaces

Breakout spaces provide a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the workday, offering a place to take a break and recharge. Prioritising the design and allocation of these areas in your fitout is an investment that will yield substantial returns in tenant satisfaction and wellbeing.

Cafés & bars

Transform your coworking space into a more attractive option than the local coffee shop by incorporating food and beverage amenities. This addition not only generates an extra income stream but also keeps tenants content, working alongside like-minded individuals in a vibrant environment. A fresh coffee can help spark creativity and boost productivity, making your space the preferred choice for professionals.

Reception/Lobby areas

First impressions are crucial, and a stunning lobby and reception area can significantly influence potential tenants. A well-designed lobby not only creates a welcoming atmosphere but also serves as a powerful tool to communicate your brand’s identity and values. We can help you craft a lobby space that leaves a lasting impression, combining the perfect blend of lighting, greenery, and furnishings to create an inviting and professional environment.

Amenities & EOTF

Today’s tenants look as much at amenities as location, and refurbished bathrooms and end-of-trip facilities are a cost-effective way of offering more value to your tenants whilst also capitalising on underutilised space. Thoughtfully designed amenities can enhance the overall experience for visitors and tenants alike, and set your coworking space apart from the rest.

Renowned for what we do

Our sole purpose is to realise your dream space. Backed by over 22 years’ experience, we have the capability to deliver small to large scale refurbishment and fitout projects for a variety of clients and sectors, Australia-wide.

Our Refurbishment Team specialise in innovative building and warehouse transformations, realising the value in your assets for the long haul. We understand different environments, structures, services, technology and finishes, which means we turn your design into a reality with certainty.

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We specialise in realising your vision through reliably delivered and value-engineered interior fitouts. Our team's unrivalled construction management excellence and versatility means we deliver what we promise in a multitude of interior environments.

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We understand that your business is ever evolving, and the needs of your workplace change, often with some urgency. Whether you're upscaling, downsizing, splitting space, relocating, utilising underused space, or need an expediated schedule, our highly experienced construction experts are here to turn your rethink into a reality.

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Our 2000sqm joinery manufacturing facility produces high-quality custom joinery on scale. Our unparaled craftsmanship, state-of-the-art machinery, drafting expertise and reliable supply chain, mean we realise your dream joinery with assurance.

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We partner and collaborate with industry-leading designers, architects, consultants and project managers to seamlessly bring ideas to life. We understand that no project is the same, and by uniting with the right experts for each project, we offer a deeper level of expertise throughout the whole project lifecycle, giving the client the best of all worlds.

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Our Link Aftercare team are with you from handover of your new Intermain fitout, from onboarding you to your new space through your Defect Liability Period, and beyond, to maintaining your fitout and taking care of all your required fitout maintenance and obligations.

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Reasons to choose us

Rest assured with our
quality guarantee

We live and breathe quality for a seamless and transparent service so you can rest assured your dream space will be realised to the highest possible standards. Our commitment to craftsmanship, safety standards, financial governance, and to continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, has seen our client repeat rate exceed 70% year-on-year.

Financially stable
Client repeat rate
22+ years' experience
Fully licenced & certified

Reach new heights
through uniting in partnership

It takes a team to realise the dream. What stands us apart is our ability to create fruitful and collaborative partnerships with industry-leading designers, architects and project managers so clients benefit from deep expertise, increased innovation and less risk at every stage of the project.

Multi-sector expertise
Local teams
Flexible procurement

Relax, with best-in-class
construction project management

From the inception of your dream space to handover and beyond, we meticulously manage the schedule, budget, quality control, safety and iterations, with the proven ability to navigate unexpected challenges with innovative solutions, and stakeholder management expertise, that aligns all experts for the best outcome for the client.

Impeccable safety record
Projects delivered
Square Meters Transformed
Project Value

Reliable value with established
onshore operations

We save you time and cost through our well-established supply chain, material procurement expertise, contractor network, and our onshore manufacturing facility. Whether you’re a landlord, project manager, architect or tenant, we partner with you for the long haul, offering you efficiencies only an established partnership can offer.

Value engineering
In-house joinery
Australian owned & operated
Full transparency

Responsibly building
dream spaces

Our mission is to become one of the most ethically and socially responsible builders in the industry to deliver positive impact for our environment, society and economy, laying the foundation for a better tomorrow.

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