The emerging workplace trends of 2022

In the wake of the pandemic, the commercial property sector has seen a huge shake-up with landlords, tenants, agents and builders alike, changing the way they approach and build their workplaces to adapt to a triple whammy of factors: elevated staff movements, hybrid working models and resistance to staff returning to the office, not to mention a plethora of economic factors. The response being innovative design at its best, with several key trends emerging across the sector in 2022.

A Mix of Spaces
2022 has seen an increase in fitouts and refurbishments that compliment a mixture of working styles and interactions with office designs that include a ‘little bit of everything’, from spaces for privacy and concentration, casual interactions, small meetings, large meetings and entertainment all being integrated into office layouts.

Increased Integration of Technology
Demand for smart and technologically advanced office facilities has seen a sharp increase with many businesses opting for hybrid work models as they’ve emerged out of the pandemic. And with AV technologies advancing at a rate of knots, this has made high-quality remote connections increasingly reliable and personable.

More Staff Amenities
Workplaces have increased their investment in staff amenities in a bid to attract staff back to the office, from new facilities such as wellness centres and gyms to fully catered offices where you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, workplaces are going all out to lure their staff back.

Multifunctional Spaces
From kitchen areas that double up as townhall spaces to movable walls in meeting rooms that adapt for a variety of meeting sizes, workplaces have turned to making the most out of their underutilised square meterage and steered towards designs that cater for spaces that can have several uses.

Upcycling & Reuse
With an increasing need for businesses to have a social licence to operate, the demand for innovative ways to integrate existing furniture, fixtures and equipment into new designs is on the up. And with added pressure of supply chain issues over the last 2 years, this has pushed more workplaces into looking at what they have and how it can be reused.

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