National Reconciliation Week 2023

National Reconciliation Week 2023

Today Intermain came together to learn more about reconciliation, and indigenous culture, history and cuisine.

Brenden Kirin performed a traditional smoke ceremony after sharing some hard truths from his past, and his thoughts on how the ‘The Voice to Parliament’ will help build a future for the next generations.

Jennifer Stefanac, from Blackseed Catering, cooked our staff some delicious bush tucker for lunch, and taught us about the ingredients and flavours found in the bush. Also an advocate for ‘The Voice to Parliament’, we learnt how important this step forward is for turning reconciliation from an idea into reality.

Dennis Golding, who created our beautiful HQ mural, explained to us that the artwork was created to reflect the land where Intermain HQ resides in Alexandria; a place where salt-water people and fresh-water people met in the past and, as the artwork features on the hallway leading to our meeting rooms, it pays homage to a place where different mobs meet and come together. Quite fitting for the theme of the day!

Thanks to our wonderful guests for taking the time to share their stories and culture today, allowing us to take part in a traditional smoke ceremony and to indulge in a beautiful bush tucker feast. Our commitment to a reconciled Australia remains steadfast with our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan in place, our continued membership of Supply Nation and our yearly spend of over $1.5 million with Indigenous businesses.

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