Rethink Your Dream Workspace | Episode One: Refine

Your workplace is an essential part of your business strategy, and any rethinks must address the needs of your business for the long term.

For General Manager of Property, Nicole Lazarou, working closely with Intermain’s design and delivery teams’ preconstruction made refining the objectives, requirements, and design brief for Retail Apparel Group’s new workspace seamless.

“Intermain were so patient with us. They took the time to come to our existing workplace and understand how those spaces had worked, to enable them to reinvent this new space for us. What was a very, very difficult process, Intermain made look very, very easy.”

Intermain unravel the process of relocating or redesigning your commercial workplace in this four-part video series.

Stay tuned for Episode Two next week and learn more about our Rethink solution here.

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