Woody Point Special School QLD

Woody Point Special School

State Government, QLD

On behalf of the Department of Education, Lambert and Rehbein engaged Intermain to undertake works at Woody Point Special School, located at Woody Point, Queensland.

Intermain carried out their program within a live environment, during two school terms. Working in an operational school, meant careful consideration and seamless execution was required due to the level of complexities working with stakeholders that involved children with special needs.

Woody Point Special School, QLD

Redcliffe Peninsula, QLD

Project Manager
Lambert & Rehbien

Delivery Model
Construction Management

Floor Area

Construction Duration
18 weeks

Adapting to unique challenges

To address the unique challenges, Intermain worked out of hours to keep noise levels at a minimum as some children were sensitive to particular sounds. The needs also varied from child to child; hence frequent and transparent communication was imperative to the success fo of the project.

Frequent and transparent communication was imperative to ensure the success of this project.

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