The objectives of our clients guide everything we do at Intermain. By building an understanding of your specific needs and objectives, we can tailor a solution that’s the perfect fit.

Tuned into your needs

Every client has different requirements and priorities. Having worked across a wide range of sectors, we’ve come to understand the subtleties of how different businesses operate – from corporate organisations, to healthcare, hospitality, education and government clients. On every project, we work closely with our clients to define a clear brief, and keep this at the heart of every decision we make.

Making every metre2 count

We know that our clients always have a finite space, budget and timeframe to work within. Our goal: to make the absolute most of all these resources. This may entail strategic floor planning and storage solutions, or collaborating with your building management to streamline delivery. Whatever the case, we will ensure you get the best possible value and outcome.

Highly functioning on every level

While spaces certainly need to work on a functional level, we never forget the ‘liveability’ factor either. Many seemingly small features actually have a huge bearing on your workplace productivity, from lighting schemes to integrated technology. We put a great deal of thought into these recommendations – remembering that a great space is one where your team can work happily and efficiently.