Once a design is approved, our integrated team of professionals works together to execute the plan – ensuring optimum quality standards every step of the way.

Project teams assembled by hand

In addition to our full time staff of over 100, Intermain has a large pool of trusted, highly skilled contractors. For each project we assemble just the right team for the job – engaging designers, builders, specialist trades and project managers as required. We take pride in how we treat our people, and believe that these respectful relationships result in a team that’s committed, reliable and a pleasure to have onsite.

One contact, zero confusion

With Intermain, you have all the benefits of an end-to-end service, with one single point of contact throughout – which keeps things simple, avoids miscommunications, and makes sure nothing gets lost in translation. For clients, it means greater, ease, clarity, and confidence that every outcome will be exactly as anticipated.

Particular about process

One of the things that sets Intermain apart is our systematic approach. Fine-tuned over many years, our processes enable us to manage projects as efficiently as possible, keeping clients informed every step of the way. From project control group (PCG) meetings to toolbox talks, our systems exist to keep things running smoothly, and give everyone peace of mind.