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When GPT Property were relaunching their newly rejuvenated asset 580 George Street to the market, they saw the value in creating a series of spec fit outs to attract prospective tenants. Intermain’s ability to innovate to overcome design challenges was one of the reasons we were selected to design and construct two suites on the sixth floor of the building.

Producing a smart, tailored solution for the two suites meant embracing their differing environmental characteristics. On the western suite, we leveraged the strong natural light and excellent views to create an open, light environment. Furnishings and finishes were selected to complemented the historic sandstone buildings, including Sydney Town Hall, directly in view. In contrast, we designed a darker, sophisticated scheme for the second suite that worked harmony with its more urban outlook. The ‘New York Loft’ styling celebrated the visible brickwork on adjacent buildings outside, rather than allowing them to overwhelm the space. Our clever lighting scheme created a ‘moody’ atmosphere in reception areas whilst boosting light in working zones.

With extensive experience delivering spec fit out suites, Intermain’s talented in-house design team were careful to select furnishings and finishes that offered high impact, whilst also providing a sufficiently neutral theme for incoming tenants to apply their own branding. This principal of flexibility also extended to the floor plan, where final cabling was held off to allow for a change in desk configuration.

Intermain’s ability to resource the project over the Christmas Holiday period meant that we were able to deliver to GPT’s tight program, whilst also minimising the impact on existing tenants.

Client: Yieldbroker
Designer: Intermain Pty Ltd
Location: Sydney