Commercial | Yieldbroker, NSW

Commercial | Commercial | Yieldbroker, NSW

Yieldbroker was established to challenge their sector of the financial markets and with their new Sydney headquarters, they are now challenging the traditional financial services technology workplace. Intermain’s smart solution for the company seizes the opportunity to create a progressive workspace, designed to attract top talent for this expanding Australian business.

Our layout is future-proofed for expansion over the five-year term of their lease and it achieves their objectives to boost staff performance, reinforce the company’s brand and values and foster a dynamic workplace culture. Part of the value Intermain delivered to Yieldbroker was to provide feasibility advice on office spaces the company had shortlisted for relocation, including, but not limited to, capacity potential, sunlight orientations and heritage considerations. With their final choice at 14 Martin Place being partially heritage listed, Yieldbroker were able to leverage our extensive experience in securing the more rigorous DA consents and certifications. This process included innovating to ensure we protected the heritage fabric of the building as well as the careful treatment of feature arch windowsills.

Working closely with the client to understand their operations and objectives, our in-house designers developed a floor layout that included dealer desks, sized to accommodate multiple large computer screens. They then offset this traditional setup with an assortment of breakout areas to support agile work, collaboration and contemplation, giving Yieldbroker’s teams’ the space away from their screens to focus on the ‘bigger picture’. As part of our flexible, future-proofed solution, some of these spaces will one day be converted to workspaces to accommodate the growing workforce.

Client: Yieldbroker
Designer: Intermain Pty Ltd
Location: Sydney