29 - 43 Balfour Street, Chippendale NSW

Marks Henderson, NSW

29 - 43 Balfour Street, Chippendale, NSW

Engaged by the client Marks Henderson and working with Architects SJB, Intermain completed the building upgrade for 29 Balfour Street, Chippendale, NSW.

The asset required a complete refurbishment and upgrade to re-position the building, keeping up the Sydney suburbs’ gentrification and creating a highly sought-after asset.

Intermain worked closely with the client and architect, value engineering the project to meet budget without forfeiting the desired outcome. The scope of works was extensive. The programme included but not limited to exterior works, structural engineering, building extension with the addition of a rooftop mezzanine, and an upgrade to all mechanical services.

Marks Henderson

Chippendale, NSW

Delivery Model


Floor Area
3,000 m2

Construction Duration
52 weeks

Seamless Collaboration

Focusing on the occupant experience, SJB designed an atrium running through the four levels of the building. The newly installed atrium provided access for the architecturally designed staircase and brought in natural light throughout the building.

During demolition works, Intermain uncovered original wooden rafters, which spoke volumes about the building’s heritage. Working closely with the architect and client allowed the project team to quickly communicate this discovery and change the design to include the original exposed rafters rather than covering them as planned.


The project was a success, with the owners securing tenants before handover, experiencing no downtime.

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