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Venture Consulting’s offices in Sydney’s CBD are an excellent example of how clever office design can maximise available light and space. Whilst the office enjoys plentiful natural light to two sides, it required a number of smart innovations to apply this same feeling of light to other areas of the space. Intermain achieved this with a scheme of well-positioned up-lighting and glazed internal walls to allow light to permeate the floor. All joinery mirrored the curved lines of the office building, ensuring the interiors were in harmony with the exteriors. This approach also helped to maximise the use of the space, with joinery wrapping around central rounded cores to provide the efficient equipment and stationary storage areas. Our clever solution also incorporated interior accents that reinforced Venture’s branding. This included the subtle use of teal blue hues throughout the scheme to reflect their corporate colours.

Client: Venture Consulting
Designer: Intermain Pty Ltd
Location: Sydney