Mirvac’s new HQ in Sydney features joinery by Intermain

Following the completion of Mirvac’s prototype space in 2015 by the Intermain joinery team, the Mirvac group’s new six-level Sydney headquarters continues the collaboration and features complex joinery items for one of Sydney’s newest CBD towers by architects FJMT.

With expansive views over Sydney harbour, the workspaces designed by Davenport Campbell focus on flexibility in what is described as ‘an advanced urban environment’. Each department is planned around a ‘neighbourhood’, connected by a ‘main street’, and features natural materials in response to the building’s exterior palette of timber and stone.


Working with Davenport Campbell on the design of joinery items that were made in Intermain’s new joinery workshop involved the entire joinery team. Twelve cabinet makers, three machinists and four CAD operators were headed up by Kenneth Christie, with 10 installers on site and a completion timeline of six months from contract award to handover.

Customised joinery was central to the new interior with items providing a multiplicity of working scenarios for collaboration and relaxation, while also delineating spaces and loosening up the workplace status-quo. Flexible workstations, shared desks, media rooms, calibration pods, think tanks, chat booths and synergy pods were developed by Mirvac, Davenport Campbell and Intermain in a to-and-fro process that was very hands on.



Inside the new headquarters, joinery defines the ‘main street’ which runs the full length of the building and is highlighted by feature ceilings, locker storage, desks and kitchens running for 30-40 metres depending on the level.

Each level is then differentiated by individual configurations of private and quiet spaces, and open plan shared workspaces. The most complex components were designed for the reception level on the 28th floor, and it was here that Intermain had an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and the flexibility of their new joinery workshop.


“On the level 28 joinery we came across a few things we hadn’t done before which involved experimenting and making prototypes “, remarks Kenneth Christie. “The complex curved units were very challenging, it involved many hours for our cad team nutting them out in cad first to make sure they would work, then machining on our CNC and assembling in our workshop to make sure it all came together.”



Working through the design detailing with Davenport Campbell meant issues were solved quickly and design and material adjustments could be made together. It’s a project that relied on strong communication and trust in the process and has resulted in an adventurous new interior that brings good design together with the skills of joinery making.

“It was a complex project to work on but with some good teams at Mirvac and Davenport Campbell the project ran smoothly”, remarks Kenneth. “There were a few speed bumps and a few design challenges along the way but we resolved it quickly and smoothly”

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