Intermain – Business Management System Certification

This month Intermain attained full certification. Here, Managing Director Andrew Johnson discusses the process.

Why was it important for Intermain to secure BMS certification?

The main reason we undertook the process is because we wanted a better, more professional and organised company with procedures that would make it easy for clients big and small to work with us, as well as being able to take on more diverse projects.

How will it change the way you work with clients?

The dream for the business is to continue to find our sweet spot and to be the boutique company that everyone wants to work with. So it was essential to standardise our work practices. I’ve always wanted every client to have the same great experience, so by doing our BMS it has forced us to formalise our methodology. We have actually looked at our business under a microscope and asked ourselves important questions: ‘Is this the way we do it?’ ‘Is this the right way?’ ‘Is this the smart way?’

Quality Management, as well as improving our performance and managing risk, allows us to implement the ‘plan, do, check, act’ structure that will ensure the needs of our clients are met. OHS is essential in protecting the health and safety of our team, which is important for everyone, and Environmental Management means that we are at the leading end of environmental systems within our own business and for our clients.

What did you learn along the way?

There were things we needed to brush up on and things we needed to shape procedures for. We have grown quite a bit in the last few years and it’s really nice to look at that and see what could be modified to suit our new practices. I was never big on hierarchy in the business, I think everyone is as important as the next person. However during the process, I realised that people like to know who to turn to and they need a mission and by developing a system of procedures everyone can grow.

How did your team react to the new system?

The most enjoyable part has been launching it, taking it on board and realising that the angst we had along the way: ‘Were they going to hate us?’ ‘Is this is going to be too much work?’, was actually unfounded. Instead they all think it is great. Having procedures that were sound meant it became more about the way we documented projects rather than a major change to the way we work. They took it onboard and said: ‘This is a good thing’.

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