Intermain is committed to working in partnership with our local communities and governing bodies to improve the social, economic and environmental impact of our output, and play a role in improving the wellbeing of members, and in particular todays youths in our community.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility in conjunction with our Indigenous Participation Policy recognizes the challenges that Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island youths face on a daily basis, as well as the importance of improving the wellbeing of young people in the community which we operate in, and on a broader scale.

Intermain aims to contribute by providing a better future and opportunities for all youths in an inclusive and safe society. To achieve this, we pledge to provide financial; and intangible support to leading Indigenous foundations such ABSEC who are at the forefront of delivering holistic solutions for todays youths, as well as supporting the Alannah & Madelaine Foundation who exist to care for children who have experienced or witnessed serious violence. We have partnered with Yarn’n Aboriginal Employment Services to achieve the objective of equal employment opportunities and a nurturing workplace environment.

Our overriding Corporate Social Responsibility objective is to support those making a positive difference for todays youths and a healthier workplace for all.”

Download our Intermain Indigenous Participation Policy here